Foam Mattresses Alfastrom

Foam Mattresses Alfastrom! You won’t stop dreaming...

mattress Fill
Foam Mattresses
Mattress Fill
90 x 200 cm. 650€ 487.50€
160 x 200 cm. 1150€ 787.50€
mattress Morfeas
Foam Mattresses
Mattress Morfeas
90 x 200 cm. 775,00€ 581,25€
160 x 200 cm. 1150€ 862,50€

The foam mattresses of our company are mattresses perfectly adapted to the modern consumer need for foam mattresses. Foam mattresses are our obligation to be made of the highest quality foam rubber so that we can always accelerate the result where we and our consumers and friends want it. The foam mattresses provide a sense of firmness to the body because of the fact that the entire mattress is foamy, avoiding many oscillations on the surface of the mattress.

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